The interactive menu of Capri Restaurant on Formentera

Video presentation of the new interactive menu of Capri Restaurant. Using QR codes visitors can instantly see how the dishes are prepared and presented. Ah! And the Wi-Fi is free!




Formentera Cuisine: Red mullet in green sauce

Our chef, Pep, prepares Red mullet in green sauce, which is a delicious fish found off the coast of Formentera.





Formentera cuisine: boiled fish and arroz a banda (rice in fish broth)

Pep prepares what is possibly the most typical dish eaten by Formentera sailors: boiled fish and arroz a banda. A delicacy with a strong taste of the sea.






Formentera cuisine: fish stew

Our chef prepares a typical dish from Formentera: fish stew. A delicious recipe for fish lovers.





Restaurant Capri Formentera: baked fish

Our friend Pep prepares baked fish in less than a minute. Typical recipe from Formentera, simple and delicious!