Mixed salad
Formentera salad
Goat cheese salad
Caprese brochette
Toast with anchovies
Fish soup
Tuna carpaccio
Sea bass carpaccio
Iberian cured ham
Mussels à la marinière
Clams à la marinière
Fried small squids
Shrimp cocktail with mango pink sauce (shrimps are local and fresh)
Grilled shrimps (from Formentera, size M)
Salt cod brandade
Fresh squids “a la bruta” (with their own ink) or with seasoning
Penne or spaghetti au gratin



Angle fish brochette with shrimps
Browned clawed lobster
Grilled shellfish platter (min 2 pers.)
Angle fish and shellfish stew
Spiny lobster to taste
Spiny lobster stew



House grilled fish platter
Grilled fish platter to taste (by weight)
Fried fish
Fish “a la espalda” (split open and cooked on its back)
Fish of the day to taste
Grilled fresh squids
Fresh squid rings in batter


Fish stew
Boiled fish followed by noodle soup
Boiled fish followed by rice in fish broth
Baked fish
Red scorpionfish in green sauce 
Fried petter fish with onion


Rice à la marinière (in broth)
Black rice (kind of paella cooked with squid ink)
Fish paella
Shellfish and clawed lobster rice or noodle paella
Meat and shellfish paella
Noodle paella (with only shellfish)
Rice “a banda” (without the fish)



Baby lamb chops
Magret of duck with strawberry sauce
Veal tenderloin
Pork tenderloin Chateaubriand  “CAPRI” (min. 2 pers.)
Chicken escalope