Mixed salad  9,00€

Endives with vinegar & parmesan  10,50€
Formentera salad  14,00€

Tomatoes Tartar with “Peix Sec”   14,00”
Goat cheese salad  12,00€
Caprese Salad  9,50€
Toast with anchovies  14,00€
Gazpacho  7,50€
Tipical fried octopus 19,50€

Salmon  Tartare  18,00€
Sea bass carpaccio   12,00€
Iberian cured ham  23,00€
Mussels à la marinière  12,00€
Clams à la marinière  18,50€
Fried small squids  12,00€
Shrimp cocktail with mango pink sauce  22,00€
Grilled shrimps fresh from Formentera  4,60€/unit
Salt cod brandade  15,00€

Formentera Squid “con Aliño”  18,00€

Formentera Squids “a la bruta” (with their own ink) or with seasoning  19,50€

Grilled  Scallops  20,00€

Garlic Prawns  18,00€



Angle fish brochette with Scallops and shrimps  26,50€
Browned clawed lobster  S.P.M
Angle fish and shellfish stew (min. 2 pers.)  25,50€
Spiny lobster to taste (on request)  140,00€/kg
Spiny lobster stew  (on request)  150,00€/kg

Grilled Seafood to choose  (min. 2 pers.)   Price by weight



Grilled fish platter   26,00€
Grilled fish platter to choose  (by weight)
Fried fish  platter  23,50€
Fish of the day grilled, with Greenn Sauce or Tipical Formentera Sauce   18,50€
Formentera Grilled Squids  22,50€
Formentera Squid rings in batter  23,50€


Fish stew  27,50€
Typical Boiled fish followed by noodle soup  36,00€
Typical Boiled fish followed by rice in fish broth   36,00€
Baked fish  to choose  S.P.M
Red scorpionfish in green sauce   76,00€/kg
Fried petter fish with onion  76,00€/kg

Rice  (min. 2 pers. & price for portion)

Rice à la marinière (in broth)   26,00€
Black rice (kind of paella cooked with squid ink)   26,00€
Fish paella   26,00€
Shellfish and  lobster rice or noodle paella  38,50€
Meat and shellfish paella   21,00€
Paella or Noodle paella (only shellfish)   25,30€
Rice “a banda” (without the fish)  12,50€

Blind Rice   26,00€



Lamb chops  20,50€

Tipical of Formentera fried Lamb Chops 22,00€
Magret of duck    22,00€
Veal tenderloin  25,00€
Iberian Pork Tenderloin 19,50€€

Chateaubriand  “CAPRI” (min. 2 pers.)   28,50€

Steak Tartar (before order)   26,50€

Extra Pepper, Roqueford or Red fruits extra sauces 3,00€



Delights of the House

Alaska Souffle (Min. 2 pers.)   9,00€
Chocolate Cake   5,00€
Catalan Cream (Cold cream Brulee)   4,50€
Greixonera  (Typical sweet cake)   4,50€
Flaó  (Tpypical cheese cake)  5,00€
Cheesecake with Blueberries   6,50€

Banofee Cake  (Bannana cake)   5,50€

Fruits cooked by the Cheff…

Flambéed strawberries with pepper  6,50€

Pineapple carpaccio with coconut ice cream   6,50€
Strawberries with Cream or Orange Juice   6,00€

Fruits of season (melon or wattermelon) 4,50€

(All our fruits can be served natural)

Ice cream…

Magnum Almond   4,50€
Cornetto vanilla   4,75€
Chocolate Truffles (4 unididades) 4,00€
Chocolate Tartuffo 4,50€
Classic Cup (2 bolas)  4,50€
Vodka Lemmon Sorbett  6,00€

Mandarin Sorbett  NO alcohol  5,00€